Your Stories

You work every day at the office, at your job site, on the road and at home. You are pursuing your goals while taking care of your family. You are trying to balance your work and family life, but often your own health becomes neglected. Living Alchemy wants to be part of your story and we want to help you find the perfect balance within you.

Our stories are about YOU! Many people have found that Living Alchemy’s fermented whole food supplements make the difference they need. Read their stories below.

These are your stories...

Annie (Naturopath)

"One of my clients with minor Lymphopenia is successfully using Defense to "break" a cold start. It takes 2 capsules each 2-3 hours 5-6 times per day for 3-4 days and it prevents the cold goes down in his lungs and thus avoid several weeks of illness (as it is usually the case even if he uses in significant amount a variety of plants and essential oils)."

Rico Morneau (Paralympic Athlete)

"It provides me with more energy. Faster recovery. I started it 3 weeks ago." 58 y.o, 165lbs 3rd hand-cycling best time & finished 4th hand-cycling road race."


"I use Living Alchemy TERRAIN 2 capsules a day for almost two months. I noticed a greater ease to eliminate every day. In addition, small pains on the right side are almost non-existent now. I started the program because I was diagnosed with diverticulitis in the intestine and I felt pain on the right side. I am more than satisfied with the results and I will continue to use the product daily because I firmly believe that health passes through the intestine."


"I have been afflicted with sugar cravings for as long as I can remember (blaming this all on my mom's delicious daily desserts) After trying many different remedies without any success, I was at the end of my rope, so to speak. I realized that I had consumed almost half a box of Halloween sweets and my only reward was feeling very sick and very guilty that I couldn't even manage this addiction."

Alicia (Herbalist)

"My dad has really high blood pressure due to stress. As a herbalist, I know that getting his stress down was going to help get his blood pressure down. Out of desperation, I gave him 4 of HOLY BASIL Alive (after his blood pressure soared to 190), within half an hour it was down to 131/82. Nothing else has relaxed him this much (and still allowed him to function)."

Kimberly (Naturopath)

"This is a client who inspired me greatly by her desire to live in good health! Following a complete health check and my advice on the lifestyle and foods, I suggest Ms. Gilbert to take the Your Flora TERRAIN, 2cap. a day at the beginning, then 3 cap. a day. She rapidly felt a relief in terms of digestion, stopping blood and mucus in the stools and finally had a feeling of feeding her good bacteria’s, who are so important for a return to good physical and mental health!"