Symbio® Advantages

Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate herbs and foods into their superior form for our premier fermented whole food supplements. We produce these formulas using a traditional fermentation containing diverse strains of micro-organisms from a kefir and kombucha living culture. This process we call Symbio® delivers the complete, activated herb within a living food matrix for exceptional bioavailability and effectiveness.


fig. 1 – We use only the finest organic ingredients sourced for their freshness and vitality.

fig. 2 – Traditionally fermented using diverse strains of micro-organisms.

fig. 2 – We ferment our ingredients using a kefir-kombucha style fermentation involving a diverse species of micro-organisms.

fig. 3 – Our fermented blend is then carefully freeze dried to protect the nutrients and micro-organisms.

fig. 4 – The fermented blend is then analyzed for its activity and effects.

fig. 5 – Finally, we add select organic whole foods and herbs to compliments our Kefi-Soy™ for specific health needs.

fig. 5 – We finally add select organic mushrooms and herbal base to compliment our fermented blend for specific health needs.

fig. 6 – Made with pride, our kefir-kombucha fermented product packed full of activated nutrients.

After fermentation, the product is sent into a freeze-drying chamber for drying. The process removes all water and moisture, and at the same time, preserves the micro-organisms and activated nutrients. Then, we add in more selected certified organic herbs and mushrooms to compliment specific health needs.

Finally we use slow encapsulators which allow us to avoid adding any fillers or binders. The final products are as clean as they can be.