Why Choose Symbiotics Over Probiotics?

Why Choose Symbiotics Over Probiotics?

Your gut flora is a complex and diverse ecosystem unique to you. No one else has one quite like yours and it's evolving and adapting every hour of every day. Although numbers play a role, it's the diversity and the behavior which is the most important element of a healthy gut flora.

Recent evidence recognizes the many influencing factors that are essential in managing a healthy and optimal gut flora that goes way beyond just the microbes that inhabit it. The environment in which the microbes reside is now the focus of research. It is the environment which dictates the nature within. In other words, the whole of an ecosystem will always be more powerful than the sum of its inhabitants.

"Standard probiotics are rapidly becoming an inappropriate and dysfunctional approach to supporting your gut flora – with limited actions and ability."

They are, after all, just capsules of bacterial cells. Although prebiotics, which feed the bacterial cells, are getting more attention lately, they too, only provide part of the solution.

Symbiotics, as opposed to probiotics, are a fermented, whole food living culture that provides everything needed to support the gut environment including the survival and colonization of the microbes, the diversity of microbes, highly bioavailable digestive nutrients, a healthy terrain and much more that support your flora. They are natural, safe, and as a source of unique nourishment, go way beyond a capsule full of bacterial cells.

Here's a handy chart that covers the main differences between Symbiotics and Probiotics:


Your Flora Symbiotic

Standard Probiotics

Provides a complete living ecosystem of nutrients, enzymes and microflora.

Provides just a concentration of bacterial cells grown on a weak medium which they are then separated from.

35 naturally evolved strains of micro-organisms that have evolved together as a symbiosis during fermentation.

Provides just a concentration of bacterial cells grown on a weak medium which they are then separated from.

Provides all the necessary colonizing factors to allow the micro-organisms to survive and thrive.

Contains no colonizing factors whatsoever.

Rich in digestive nutrients to encourage all the contributing factors for a healthy gut flora.

All nutrition is removed in a probiotic since it's separated from the medium. Rarely is anything added.

Contains enzymes and peptides that provide an essential support to the gut flora and its terrain.

No enzymes or peptides as these are destroyed during processing.

Encourages and supports your unique gut ecology and its needs on many levels.

A “bomb” approach designed to dictate your gut flora based only on providing significantly large numbers.

Encourages microbial diversity as a fermented whole food ecosystem.

Can limit your microbial diversity by providing dominating numbers of just a few species that can limit other important but delicate species.

Suitable for vegans.

Very few probiotics are suitable for vegans.

Made with organic whole food.

Probiotics are not food or natural so they cannot be organically certified.

10+ studies on Your Flora’s Symbiotic and its effects, including human studies.

In most cases there is second hand laboratory studies on the strain but not the effects of the specific end product.

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