What does beetroot do to your body?

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Beetroot You Need to Know

Beetroot is a great addition to most diets as it's a nutrient-dense superfood that boosts the health of your mind and body. The antioxidants and a bundle of other nutrients and vitamins that it contains make beetroot an excellent anti-aging and immune-boosting whole food vegetable, among its many known health benefits. However, this superfood also offers a slew of other health benefits, including several which are specific to women that you may not yet know.

Beetroot is readily available in grocery stores year-round, and the root vegetable can add a pop of colour to a salad or hummus plate. But to get more of the benefits of beetroot into your diet, you might consider incorporating a fermented whole food supplement that contains beetroot, such as Women’s DAILY + and Men’s DAILY + from Living Alchemy. Women's DAILY + contains fermented organic beetroot, along with a host of carefully selected key minerals and other whole foods and herbs, enriched through fermentation. It is specifically crafted to enhance your everyday energy levels, bolster your immune system, and provide support for healthy aging. 

Health Benefits of Beetroot

Benefit of Beetroot #1: Helps In Weight Management

Beetroot may help with weight management because it contains a high concentration of fibre and zero fat. Beetroot is very low in calories, with only 60 calories per cup. That includes about 13 grams of carbohydrates, and also 4 grams of fibre — which helps you stay fuller for longer. The half soluble and half insoluble fibre can also reduce fat by helping promote regular frequent bowel movements and lowering your cholesterol.

Eat beetroot pickled, grate it raw over a salad, or use fermented beets as a base for a traditional Borscht soup. Fermenting beetroot naturally transforms this superfood into a nutrient-dense form that is more bioavailable and better absorbed in the gut. 

Benefit of Beetroot #2: Boosts Energy And Metabolism

Beetroot is known for fueling energy and even increasing the stamina needed for exercise. The nitrates in beetroot allow this superfood to be converted into energy. The sugar present in it gives you an immediate energy boost for prolonged sports activities while supplementing extra nitrates and iron.

Beetroot also contains a significant amount of carbohydrates – the natural building blocks of energy metabolism – and beetroot provides them without any of the negative side effects of many other carbohydrate-heavy foods. Optimal levels of carbs ensure the peak functioning of all important metabolic reactions that keep the organs functioning efficiently.

Benefit of Beetroot #3: Stuffed With Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidant properties of whole foods help defend the cells from damage and increase the blood antioxidant levels that help our body from harmful free radicals. Studies prove that beetroot is packed with super antioxidants like rutin, epicatechin and caffeic acid that help suppress inflammation, relieve osteoarthritis pain significantly and have many other health benefits. 

Beetroots naturally detoxify your body from harmful toxins with the help of a group of phytonutrients called betalains. Betalains present in beetroot purify the blood, skin, and liver and boost the functionality of the body in a great way. Incorporating fermented beetroot into your diet can safeguard your liver against oxidative harm and inflammation and enhances the production of beneficial postbiotics and enzymes. All of which facilitates better digestion and absorption of these health benefits.

Benefit of Beetroot #4: Supports The Immune System

Beets are extremely nutrient-dense which helps boost the body’s immunity against fever and colds. Vitamin C, B-complex, and powerful antioxidants in beetroot help prevent fatigue, soothe minor aches and pains, and reduce inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory effects are so promising that researchers believe supplements containing beetroot could rival the benefits of certain synthetic drugs. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to always consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using any supplements. 

Benefit of Beetroot #5: Promotes Bone and Skin Health

The minerals in beetroot, such as boron, copper, and magnesium help bones develop normally and boost bone metabolism. This superfood also contains potassium, which conserves calcium within the body and reduces the loss of calcium through the urine.

If you are wondering how beetroot benefits the skin, here’s your answer: Study suggests that eating beetroot has been found to help prevent skin cancer. Also, beets contain vitamin A that maintains healthy mucous membranes and improves skin health. Vitamin A also supports the daily replacement of skin cells.

Benefit of Beetroot #6: Prevents Premature Aging

High in folate, beets help in the optimal functioning and repair of cells. This helps prevent premature aging. Abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C, beets are a natural way to ensure the glow on your skin.

Beetroot is equally effective for maintaining a healthy brain function and warding off dementia, according to scientists, specifically symptoms of impairment in memory, communication, and thinking. Nitric oxide and boron found in beetroot is effective to hit the blood flow at pace and promote cognitive function as we age.

Benefit of Beetroot #7: Lowers Blood Pressure

Beetroot generally contains high levels of nitrates, a compound that supports nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide present in beetroot acts as a vasodilator, thereby increasing the perfusion of blood in tissues. Many studies have shown that the increase in nitric oxide that occurs after eating beetroots may help lower blood pressure in healthy people.

That is because nitrates in beets help blood vessels relax, thus lowering the high blood pressure state. Multiple human studies — including one that specifically considered adults with Type 2 diabetes-related hypertension — have found that taking supplements containing beetroot can lead to a significant drop in blood pressure.  

Beetroot’s Health Benefits For Women

While everyone can reap beetroot’s benefits, there are extra health benefits of this superfood that are particularly useful for women. 

Beetroot Increases Iron Levels During Periods

During our periods, women lose a lot of blood, so we need more iron intake than men. If you’re not getting enough iron because of poor diet, stress, or ill-health, you run the risk of getting iron-deficient anemia. Regular intake of beetroot can improve your hemoglobin levels, increase your energy levels, and prevent anemia. Taking beetroot or other whole food supplements that contain high levels of iron regularly helps you recover the blood lost during your periods. 

Beetroot May Improve Fertility

Considering starting a family? A study has found that beetroot consumption may help improve fertility by potentially raising reproductive hormone levels in women, increasing the likelihood of successful conception and potentially lowering the risk of miscarriage. 

Beetroot Supports Healthy Pregnancy

Beets may be beneficial for pregnant women because they provide the B-vitamin folate, which is essential for the development of a fetus. Beetroot may also supports fetal nourishment, helps prevent birth defects, regulates blood pressure and sugar levels, and alleviates foot pains and swelling. Additionally, beetroot aids in reducing indigestion, a prevalent issue during pregnancy. 

Always speak to your healthcare provider before consuming any supplements during pregnancy.

How To Get More Beetroot Into Your Diet

We all live super busy lives, and it’s not always realistic to spend our days trying to integrate beetroots into our diet. In which case, you can get benefits of beetroot by taking a health supplement blend featuring beetroot as an ingredient instead.

Health supplements such as Women’s DAILY + from Living Alchemy contain many of the benefits of beetroot, just in a more concentrated and easy-to-use format. You can even address multiple health concerns at once because Women’s DAILY + offers not only a daily dose of beetroot, but also fermented turmeric, moringa, chaga, also iron and zinc derived from koji fermentation, and more. 

The Health Benefits of 3 Fermented Ingredients Found in Women's DAILY+

Women’s DAILY + is specifically designed to provide women with the energy and support they need to take on their daily challenges. With powerful ingredients that bolster the immune system and promote healthy aging, our supplement is the perfect addition to any woman's routine. 

The ingredients in our carefully crafted daily supplement are non-GMO, with certified organic whole food and herbs, and obtained using the very best traditional and natural fermentation techniques.

Organic Turmeric

Organic whole food turmeric is the go-to herb for inflammation. Living Alchemy uses the whole and fermented herb to provide your body with potent nutrients to fight inflammation and oxidation.

Through fermentation in a kefir-kombucha living culture with the unique Symbio® method, the natural healing potency of turmeric is enhanced, offering more tetrahydro-curcumin, an anti-inflammatory bioactive compound, while also making it easier for your body to absorb and digest. 

Organic Moringa

Fermented moringa has potent antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. While everyone may benefit from incorporating fermented moringa into their diets, the plant can be especially helpful for women, as it may aid with anemia, bone health, menopause, and lactation.

Organic Chaga Mushroom

Chaga is a type of medicinal fungus that develops on birch trees in Siberia and Canada. It has a history of use in traditional medicine for many years to address a range of health issues, including digestive problems and skincare. Its most recognized benefit lies in its ability to boost the immune system, with recent studies suggesting potential cancer-fighting properties.

With Women's DAILY + from Living Alchemy, you can enjoy these 3 potent, easily digestible, and highly absorbable nutrients, not to mention the highly beneficial beetroot, to provide a daily dose of transformative wellness daily. Give yourself the boost you deserve and try Women's DAILY + today.

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