Rico Morneau


It provides me with more energy. Faster recovery. I started it 3 weeks ago. I am on my way to Para Pangames in August 2019 in Peru.



I have suffered from Diabetes and Celiac Disease for most of my life. Unfortunately, I didn't know I had diabetes until 2004, and Celiac until just last December. I lived in a state of illness my entire life...

I have suffered from yeast from an extremely young age. In the 15 years I have known that I have diabetes, I have never been able to control my sugars - and thus feeding the yeast in my body. I was at work one day looking for natural combatants for years, and my co-worker (Diana) told me about DEFENSE...

I pulled out our learning resources at work and saw the statistics for Defense as compared to OTC candida treatments. I was blown away! I dipped into my rent money to buy a bottle on the spot. I started it that day. I have been on Defense now for almost 3 weeks. In 3 weeks I have seen the elimination of more yeast than I thought could be possible in my body...

I am sleeping better. I am thinking clearer. I have hope to have a normal sex life. In the meantime I have started intermittent fasting and have continued with clean eating. Today I chose the REGENESIS product because I have with Celiac disease, the KefiSoy can really heal a very damaged intestine. I am SO excited!

Erin Hearns


My name is Erin Hearns, RHN and for as long as I can remember I have caught what seems like every cold and flu that goes around school, work, and my cicle of friends.

Quarantining myself from those I love when they're sick is not an option, so I usually end up catching what they have while taking care of them.

When I was first introduced to Living Alchemy's DEFENSE my partner had a terrible flu. I took two once a day during the duration of his illness and for the first time I DID NOT GET SICK!

DEFENSE has been my go to product since. I have had instances where it completely negates the flu or cold, and if I was already sick it reduced symtoms/the length of the cold so much I didn't have to miss time from work.

It's become a staple in my cold and flu prevention / protection and I'm super thankful to have found something that works so well. Thank you for sharing this amazing product.



Been using Living Alchemy for 4 months and can sleep through the night.

Used to be up in the night five to six times. Had bloody stool horrible cramping. Basically couldn't even go to work because I was always running to the bathroom with bloody stool.

Face was gray and sunken in and down to 117 lb.

I am now 142 lb eye color looks great and I have a full night's sleep. After 4 months of using Living Alchemy's Your Flora TERRAIN, I finall am feeling like a normal person.

Emma L. Blake


The medical team were amazed. The option I had been given were surgery or yet another drug therapy, I was wary of pumping yet more drugs into my body as they all seem to make me worse in the long run.

I have been taking the SENSITIVE with peppermint and lemon balm and TERRAIN with aloe vera and slipper elm and they have been an absolute game changer.

I'm thrilled to bits because for the first time in ten years I've just been given the ALL CLEAR!

My ulcerative colitis is in remission, there were no signs of disease anywhere. I nearly had my bowel removed... for now, no need!



I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for 10 years now. For about 5 years, I was in misery and to be functional, I needed to be on an immunosuppressive drug called Humira...

From February 2017 onwards, my health declined considerably. In June 2017 I was introduced to the Living Alchemy product range. I started with Your Flora COMFORT and Your Flora REGENESIS...

In less than 3 weeks I managed to eliminate C. Difficile without any antibiotics and was confirmed by examination at the St-Eustache Hospital in June 2017...

Since then, and in less than four months, I have seen my ulcerative colitis improve considerably. I no longer take immunosuppressive medication, I have no trace of blood in my stool and I evacuate three firm stools a day...

My physical condition has improved a lot and I feel refreshed with more vitality and energy. My thoughts are clearer and I feel happier.