Kefi-Soy® Advantages


Diversity is Everything


Powered by Kefi-Soy®, a unique living culture fermentation of certified organic non-GMO soybeans, Your Flora® Symbiotics provides natural probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and nutrients. Your Flora® Symbiotics are a complete digestive solution, the way nature intended.

Our Symbiotic is the perfection of years of research and development, expertly formulated to provide a fermented whole food source Symbiotic that supports daily digestion, restores gut flora, immunity and gastrointestinal health.

Everyone is unique in their own digestive ecosystem also known as the digestive microbiome. It is important that we have a diverse microbiome for digesting and fully utilizing nutrients. The micro-organisms in our gut not only help us break down food to produce nutrients, but also protects us from harmful germs. The more diverse microbes you have, the stronger your digestion and immunity. That’s why Your Flora® Symbiotics are made with diverse strains of micro-organisms from whole foods to help you balance and protect your own unique microbiome naturally.

The Symbiotic Approach

Nourish - with key nutrients
Restore - with healthy microbes
Build - with prebiotics and enzymes
Support - with targeted herbs

More CFU is not the key to a healthy gut, the environment is!


Fermented soy, like miso, natto, and tempeh is the best whole food delivery of probiotics with complete amino acids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

For a healthy digestive ecosystem, fermented soy provides all the key building blocks including L-glutamine, butyric acid, phospholipids, amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, neurotransmitters, polyphenols, a vast number of absorbable vitamins and minerals plus a diverse array of naturally evolved beneficial micro-organisms.

Fermented soy has the strongest independent research for its many positive effects on the digestive ecosystem, and the studies we have conducted have proven to be the best medium for our diverse micro-organisms, giving you Kefi-Soy®.


Fermented Soy vs. Unfermented Soy

Kefi-Soy® produces significantly greater secretions of IL-10 (anti-inflammatory) and reduced secretions of TNFα and IL-6 (pro-inflammatory) compared to soymilk.  

These anti-inflammatory compounds protect the mucus membrane from damage, thus protecting the natural environment and the survival of the good microbes.  

Proven 80% Survival of Microbes

Human study has shown that Your Flora® Symbiotics have an 80% survival rate of microbes because of the fermented living food matrix protecting the microbes.


We use a natural and traditional living culture Kefir-Kombucha fermentation process of organic whole foods. This method creates a variety of beneficial and strong micro-organisms that can survive in your digestive tract. Human study has shown that Your Flora® Symbitoics have a 80% micro-organism survival rate.

After a long fermentation period, the product is sent into a freeze-drying chamber for drying. The process removes all water and moisture, and at the same time, preserves the micro-organisms and activated nutrients. We add in select organic whole herbs to compliment specific health needs.

Finally we use slow encapsulators which allow us to avoid adding any fillers or binders. The final products are as clean as they can be.


Life Perfecting Nature

fig. 1 – We only use the finest organic ingredients sourced for their freshness and vitality.

fig. 2 – Traditionally fermented using diverse strains of micro-organisms.

fig. 2 – Traditionally fermented using diverse strains of micro-organisms.

fig. 3 – Carefully freeze dried to protect the nutrients and micro-organisms in our Kefi-Soy®.

fig. 4 – Kefi-Soy® is researched for its active nutrients and effects on digestive health.

fig. 5 – Finally, we add select organic whole foods and herbs to compliments our Kefi-Soy™ for specific health needs.

fig. 5 – Finally, we add select organic whole foods and herbs to compliments our Kefi-Soy® for specific health needs.

fig. 6 – Made with pride, our Living Culture Symbiotic.